20 Oct 20
By Joe Matthews

5 tips for artists from Jaguar’s Utopia Talks

Jaguar hosted her Utopia Talks in our virtual classroom at the weekend, joined by a panel of industry professionals who offered loads of useful insights for any upcoming producers and artists who are looking to build their fanbase and take their music to the next level. Here’s just five bits of advice (and there were a lot to choose from!) that they shared during the event.

15 Oct 20
By Joe Matthews

Our conversation with Jaguar

We caught up with Jaguar ahead of her joining us at the Virtuoso virtual stage this weekend, where she is hosting her UTOPIA Talks. Read on to find out what it's all about and what we can expect from the event, as well as getting some of her own insights from the music industry.

29 Sep 20
By Austen Smart

How to get signed to a label

Rewind to 2013. We’ve managed to get some backstage passes to Tobacco Dock. Joris Voorn is headlining. We have a demo USB and a bag of records from our label, Danse Club.

28 Sep 20
By Joe Matthews

Music education is going digital

As music students and educators adapt to new learning environments, it is becoming very clear how important electronic music now is – for both artistic expression and the teaching of the next generation of musicians.