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What our members are saying

This is a very cool new concept, from people who are knowledgeable, helpful, honest, respected, friendly and wanting to make a difference. Highly recommended!

Ady Norman

The best online tutorial I’ve ever used. I’ve actually had a direct improvement on my music production process because of these courses.

Shane Rice

I'm a dance artist and the sessions that these guys have been putting on have been so beneficial and useful. I got to chat to Carl Cox and Becky Hill in their SmartStudio. I don't know of anywhere else that does this like them. Great!

Alice Mee-Bishop

An absolutely awesome experience. Virtuoso allowed me to learn from my favourite DJ - I did not think I would ever have had such an opportunity prior to this.


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For every subscription we sell, we will give a free account to a child in a school to learn for free.