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Dancefloor drums


Dancefloor drums

About the course

As one of the biggest names in DnB, Friction knows a thing or two about crafting drums that will tear apart any dancefloor. He shows you how to make a DnB beat that will energise any track by sequencing drums, combining loops, processing drum sounds and arranging them into a track structure.

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1 hr 30 mins

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As a producer, DJ, and record label owner, Friction is an absolute icon in the Drum & bass world. Even as the DnB scene has evolved over the last two decades, Friction has moved with the times and stayed as relevant as ever – with his success breaking out of the DnB world and into the mainstream. As co-founder and co-owner of Shogun Audio and sister label Elevate Records, Friction has also overseen some of the biggest releases in Drum & bass. His recent style has defined the Dancefloor DnB sound and brought the subgenre into the fold.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to prepare your drums to get any dancefloor moving from Friction – the king of Dancefloor DnB.

Friction uses Logic Pro and a simple MIDI keyboard to teach you everything you need to know to get your drums on point, but you can follow along with any music production software.

Get ready to elevate your drums as you learn:

  • How to place drum sounds to create your DnB backbeat.
  • How to select loops to build out your drum beat.
  • How to process loops to fill the full frequency spectrum.
  • How to arrange your loops into an effective and interesting track.
  • How to build out your track from the drums using synths and samples.
  • How to finalise and export your project so that it is ready for the dancefloor.

Lesson plan