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Hooks & grooves

Archie Hamilton

Hooks & grooves

About the course

Make groovy tunes sure to fill out any dance floor in this 1hr course. Learn all the techniques which renowned House producer Archie Hamilton uses in his records – from percussion and grooves to drum sampling and arrangement.

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1 hr 30 mins

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Your teacher

Archie Hamilton

Archie Hamilton

Archie Hamilton's signature spin on minimal House and Techno has seen him become one of the most in-demand and respected artists in the underground dance scene. His DJ sets often act as a showcase for the talent on his labels, interwoven neatly with classics from the 90s and his own productions. As a DJ, Archie shows his ability to effortlessly get a crowd moving without relying on massive drops. In his own words – "music for the head and feet".

What you'll learn

Archie Hamilton teaches you how he makes his signature take on House music that's both minimal and incredibly groovy. The course takes you step-by-step through creating a track – from a kick and bass foundation to finishing touches and arrangement. Creating dynamic, fluid and emotive House music is easier than you think. Archie uses Logic Pro and a variety of his favourite plugins but you can use any DAW you like.

Ready to make a track with Archie Hamilton? In this course you'll learn:

  • Archie's workflow and approach to music production
  • Where Archie finds inspiration and how he gets into the zone
  • Sourcing samples for your music and drawing from your own library of productions
  • Creating powerful and dynamic basslines
  • Manipulating note length and duration to create different feels
  • Using gated parallel processing to create background textures
  • Programming, layering and humanising your percussion
  • Arranging your track and polishing with effects, fills, transitions and parts that lift the energy as your arrangement develops
  • Mixing to a reference track and exporting your track

Lesson plan