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Know the score

About the course

Afrodeutsche teaches us how to craft a score for a variety of film genres. She takes us through how she matches the emotional content of the music to what’s happening on-screen and how to use music to affect the listener’s feelings.

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1 hr 30 mins

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A multi-genre, composer, producer and DJ, Afrodeutsche isn’t content being pigeon-holed into one niche. Her music can go from techno that wouldn’t sound out of place in 90s Detroit, to moving classical piano works, all while maintaining the same DNA her fans have come to love. Under her real name, Henrietta Smith-Rolla, she recently composed the score to the Bafta-nominated documentary Kamali, which is a classic showcase of her uniquely melancholic sound.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn how to use the power of music to transform film and amplify the listener’s emotions. Complicated music theory is kept to a minimum so anyone can get involved.

Throughout the course, Afrodeutsche uses Ableton, although all the tips and techniques she offers can be applied to any music-making software.

Prepare to score some magical movie music as you learn:

  • How to work with pro musicians – even with no music theory.
  • How to fill your pieces with the right emotions to fit the scene.
  • How to use granular synthesis to create unique sounds.
  • How to arrange your works to create luscious musical landscapes.
  • How to keep everything organised and stay on top of a big pro project.

Lesson plan