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DnB synthesis and arrangement


DnB synthesis and arrangement

About the course

Renowned DnB producer Rockwell shares his innovative approach to music production, including synthesising sounds from scratch and building an original library. You'll piece together a track from an initial sketch, incorporating structure, variation, and expert-level mixing techniques with practical tips and tricks. By the end, you'll be able to create a release-ready DnB track.

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What you'll learn:

In this course, Rockwell will guide you through the process of creating a release-ready drum and bass track. You'll learn how to synthesise unique sounds from scratch, build your own original library, piece together a production sketch and arrange and mix the track for a polished release.

Rockwell uses Logic, Serum, and a handful of plugins to teach the course, but you can follow along with any DAW and stock instruments and audio effects. With his insights, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to create original sounds, structure your track, and use audio effects to produce a professional mix.

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  • How to synthesise your own unique sounds from scratch
  • Add character and depth to your sounds
  • Build your own original library of sounds for future projects
  • Develop your track's structure and variation through arrangement
  • Discover how to achieve a polished mixdown using audio effects
5 hours

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Rockwell is a highly respected talent in the Drum and Bass scene. His discrete and faultless back catalogue includes iconic tracks such as “Underpass”, “Childhood Memories”, “Detroit”, “Please Please Please”, and “Vent”. He has been consistently praised by Billboard, FACT, RA, Mixmag, CRACK, DJ Mag, and others, with numerous Beatport #1s.

Rockwell has released on some of the biggest and most revered labels in the industry, including Shogun Audio, Critical, and Brownswood, and he has collaborated with artists such as Roni Size, Flowdan, Sam Binga, and Breakage. He has also remixed tracks by London Grammar, Boys Noize, and Riton. His 2015 debut album, OBSOLETE MEDIUM, was named one of Billboard's "10 Best Dance/Electronic Albums of the Year".

Rockwell now releases on his own imprint, OBSOLETE MEDIUM, which has seen success with EP releases such as Isolation Ritual and User. One of his recent releases, “Estranged”, featuring LaMeduza, showcases his wide range of influences, combining gothic soundscapes with musical Drum and Bass and his trademark distorted textures, continuing to captivate audiences and critics alike.

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