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Beyond the music
Blockchain, NFTs & the future industry


Blockchain, NFTs & the future industry

About the live session

Many emerging artists are still wrapping their heads around terminology such as DAOs, minting, smart contracts, web3 and NFTs. This session aims to demystify all of this.

Where do creatives start with cryptocurrency? How will this affect the future of the music industry for royalties and payments? Are these technologies ethical for the environment? All these questions will be addressed in the session.

Chris will show us how upcoming artists and producers can create and market their own NFTs, with examples from acclaimed NFT artist, NUMAN®, who will be joining Chris on the session to explain how he turned his artwork into NFTs and approaches collaborations with music producers.

We will also get a unique insight into Friends With Benefits, a community of future-thinkers and creatives in the web3 world.

Take a step into the future of the industry and join us for this unique and exclusive session.

This is an interactive session limited to 38 places only in the SmartStudio, not to be missed by DJs and producers. Tickets for the front row are available as part of your subscription. This event will sell out, so get yours now to avoid disappointment.

If you are too late to secure a place on the front row, you will be able to register as an observer – this allows you to watch the session but not interact.

Note: to attend this session on the front row you will need access to a laptop or iPad, working microphone/webcam and be using Chrome or Safari browser.

About the teacher

Plastician, born Chris Reed, has been knee-deep in the UK’s underground music scene since the early noughties, as a DJ, producer and founder of his own Terrorhythm label. Coming from Croydon, he was perfectly positioned to capitalise on the tectonic shift from the darkening UKG sound into dubstep and grime. (TrenchTrenchTrench)

NUMAN® is a multidisciplinary creative from Manchester who has transitioned into the NFT space. His pieces are inspired by surrealism and modern art whether it be landscapes, abstract art or characters.