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Background and Purpose

Welcome to our Music Education Bursary fund. Along the journey of founding the company in 2016, we have seen some massive barriers: an alarming lack of resources in schools, and a wide gap for young musicians trying to get into the industry. The pandemic has intensified these issues, forcing many schools to eliminate music departments. That’s why we’re here, taking action, we aim to bridge this divide in music education through a programme that creates opportunities, cultivates resilience, and fosters vibrant, collaborative learning spaces. We now invite you to support in this transformative mission to reimagine music education.

What we do with funds

We’re proactively raising funds through diverse initiatives and CSR contributions from our partners. The goal is to allocate these funds to establish modern micro-studios in schools all over the UK, each priced around £2000. This makes sure students can dive right into learning. On top of this we’re dedicating 50% of the funds towards one-to-one mentorship with industry professionals and experts. Our project also includes a collaborative online training program, further fostering a sense of community among participating schools.

How we manage the burasary

To make this an effective and sustainable initiative we will take the following steps:

  • Select schools with committed staff: We'll direct funds to schools where Senior Leadership are fully on board and committed to maximising the benefits of the resources provided to the music department. We have not yet selected the shcools. But if you are interested or know someone who would be, then please fill out this form.
  • Implement contracts: To ensure responsible use of the resources, schools will be required to sign agreements committing to a certain level of usage. If resources are being wasted, we will recycle them to a school on the waitlist.
  • Reporting and testimonials: Schools will be asked to do lightweight reports on the use of the micro-studios and provide testimonials over time. This will help us track the impact of our initiative and make necessary improvements as we move forward!
  • Dedicated Financial Setup: We've set up a seperate bank account specifically for bursary funds. It's used for everything from buying equipment to supporting mentorship. With quarterly reporting, we guarantee transparency, keeping funds seperate from regular business overheads.
  • Keeping You in the Loop: Regular updates, direct to your inbox including financial statements making things nice and clear. We’ll share all the exciting news about how the fund is doing, what’s happening in the schools, and the difference your donation is making.

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Current Open Fundraiser: Ultra Del Mar Challenge

Embark on an Unprecedented Adventure

Join us as we push the limits with the Ultra Del Mar: a monumental series of five consecutive 50km ultra-marathons. In 2025, PLAYvirtuoso co-founders, Austen and Scott Smart, will lead an extraordinary endeavour to circumnavigate the enchanting island of Ibiza, covering an impressive distance of 260KM in five days. And you are invited to join.

This endeavour is not just about stamina and perseverance; it's a heartfelt pledge to nurture young musical talents. Following their astonishing leap from a maximum of 10km runs to completing a 60km trek across the Lake District last year they successfully raised £8,500 despite facing the elements and their own limits, laying a solid foundation for enhancing music education in schools. But instead of the race being the endpoint, it proved to be just the start…

A Growing Team for a Grand Cause

The journey has inspired more than just endurance; it has rallied a team. Chris Byatte (CTO), Dan Marig (Video Editor), Max Hallar (Senior Advisor) and Oli Crossland (Head of Video) have joined forces, embracing the cause with true commitment and regular training:

  • Grizedale Marathon, February 2024: A challenging 43KM through diverse terrains.
  • Ultra X Scotland, May 2024: A scenic yet demanding 50KM up the side of Loch Ness.
  • 13 Valleys, September 2024: 60KM & 110KM
  • Ultra Del Mar, March 2025: The pinnacle of our efforts, a 260KM journey around Ibiza.

The original 60km run was intended to symbolise the daunting obstacles young musicians face in their pursuit of passion. These ultra-marathons are not merely races; they represent our deep commitment to the arts. As a B-Corp, we stand firm in our mission to support the next generation of musicians, offering them the resources and opportunities to shape the future of music.

Join Us in Making Strides for Music

Your support can transform these kilometres into keys of opportunity for aspiring artists. Pledge now or join us on an ultra. Stay tuned for updates and join us in making a lasting impact on the world of music education.

Certified B Corporation

As a B Corp in the music industry, we’re counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.