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Create spacious DnB records


Create spacious DnB records

About the course

Getting some space in your mix and giving each element its own room is the difference between a professional-sounding track and a cluttered mess. DLR shares his technical tricks for mixing and sound design that will elevate your tunes to a new space.

What you’ll learn

DLR shows how you can make your tracks sound pro with some essential techniques for giving everything plenty of room. You'll learn sound design tricks for how to craft drums and synths from scratch that work perfectly in your track and mixing techniques that will give your tunes a professional polish.

Get ready to learn:
  • DLR’s sound design secrets for how he crafts his signature DnB synths
  • Techniques for making your own hard-hitting drum sounds from scratch
  • Giving each element in your track its own space
  • Creating a deep and spacious mix that has plenty of room to breathe
  • How to get a clearer direction when making music, allowing you to work faster and stay inspired

Who’s this course for

Suitable for Advanced experience levels.

Led by DLR, this course focuses on advanced synthesis and mixing techniques. Prior experience in sound design and music production is essential to make the most of this course. Familiarity with synthesisers and a basic understanding of synthesis and mixing will help you grasp the concepts more effectively.

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DLR is a Bristol-based DJ / producer and founder of the record label Sofa Sound Bristol, with close involvement in other projects such as The Sauce and OneMind. Emerging as an artist over the past decade, DLR (short for Dirty le Roi) continues today just as he started off – constantly creating new music, experimenting in the studio and developing his sound.

The back catalogue is proof, with releases on Dispatch (home to his first 3 albums), Metalheadz, 31 Recordings, Utopia, Symmetry and C.I.A., plus a handful of quality remixes for artists like Noisia, Camo & Krooked, Hybrid Minds, Spectrasoul, Roni Size, Zero T and Q-Project.

Sofa Sound Bristol is his main home today; the label he started in 2017 has built a loyal following, releasing his collabs with Break, Randall, Ulterior Motive and supporting newer acts like Molecular, Ill Truth and M-zine. Much loved for its distinctive music, art direction and events, the label won Drum&Bass Arena’s ‘Best Newcomer Label’ award in 2020.

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