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Build Latin percussion into your tracks


Build Latin percussion into your tracks

About the course

Take your percussion and rhythm to the next level with Melé. Learn Melé's process from start to finish as he takes you through his techniques which make his unique productions stand out from the crowd.

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1 hr 30 mins

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Melé's unique fusion of Latin and world inspired grooves with classic House beats has made him a hit on dancefloors across the globe. His signature palette of percussion is carried across his high-energy DJ sets, where you can expect to hear a heady mix of old-school House, Hip-hop and some classic UK sounds. As a producer, Melé has a sound both firmly modern and deeply respectful of his influences – found from digging through every vinyl crate he can lay his hands on.

What you'll learn

Get the party started with Melé's ultimate guide for powerful percussion. Known for bringing tribal and world elements into his beats, Melé takes us through his production process. Join Melé as he takes us from digging in the crates for rare, forgotten vinyl grooves to carefully layering and shaping his sounds.

Melé uses Ableton and the Ableton Push controller in this course, as well as a selection of his favourite plugins. It doesn't matter if you are using other software or hardware however – you can apply the techniques and approaches taught in this course in any DAW.

Are you ready to start using percussion in your music like never before? Sign up now to learn:

  • What percussion means to Melé and how he goes about finding rare samples to bring into his productions.
  • How Melé starts a project, with a clear purpose in mind for whatever he is producing – and how to stop procrastinating.
  • Techniques for recording, importing, stretching, warping and looping samples in Ableton Live.
  • Where each of your percussive elements should sit in your mix to effectively separate your highs, mids and lows.
  • How Melé takes dry samples to the next level using a variety of effects and processing.
  • What it takes to bring out the best of a groove made out of different percussive parts. No more muddy drum loops.
  • How to guide your productions to make them DJ-friendly – what to keep in mind while you arrange.
  • Melé's thought-process behind every decision in the studio – being an individual and letting that shine through your work.

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