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Rule the radio

About the course

How to curate, prepare and present your own radio show with B.Traits. This one-hour course will teach you the art of presenting and how to create, record and produce music radio shows and podcasts. Discover what it takes to stand out as a presenter and let your unique style and personality shine through.

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1 hour

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Eclecticism, evolution, and education are the three intertwining principles that form the foundation of the career of B.Traits.

A journey that has seen her relocate from British Columbia, Canada to London, England, B.Traits is a trusted and respected DJ, producer, and radio broadcaster.

She vehemently championed cutting edge underground electronic music for 6 years on BBC Radio 1, and continues to present and produce her own radio shows showcasing sounds from across the musical spectrum. She is a natural presenter and we are excited to welcome her into the Virtuoso studio to dive into her creative process.

What you'll learn

B.Traits teaches you how to create your own radio show. Whether it's as-live or produced in your DAW, B.Traits takes you through the whole process – from concept through to release and promotion. If you've never produced or presented or radio before it can seem quite daunting, but it's actually never been easier to create a show. And this 1hr course proves just that.

In this course, B.Traits uses CDJ3000 decks to mix her tracks and Ableton Live with built-in effects to produce her show, but you can follow along with your own tools – the concepts taught can be done on any equipment.

Are you ready to rule the radio? Start this video course to learn:

  • How B.Traits first broke into the radio industry as a DJ.
  • What makes a radio show special as a listening experience.
  • Tips and techniques for bringing your unique personality to a show.
  • How to make idents, jingles and imaging, as well as some effects processing to make them pop.
  • The difference between doing a show as-live or producing it entirely in your DAW.
  • How to record as-live, using your voice effectively to connect with your listener.
  • Editing and producing your show in Ableton.
  • How B.Traits does her show mixdown to keep a consistent volume throughout.
  • Which platforms and promotional avenues B.Traits recommends new radio DJs use to distribute their new show.

Lesson plan