Announcing our partnership with Spotify

Announcing our partnership with Spotify

Published on 25.03.24 at 10.17 by Austen Smart.

Today marks a pivotal point in the PLAYvirtuoso evolution over the last 8 years, and a watershed moment for music education as a whole.

We’re partnering with Spotify on a new test of video courses that enables UK Spotify users to access the PLAYvirtuoso catalogue of artist-led learning - covering everything from DJing, songwriting, production, beatmaking, synthesis, music curation, industry and much more. Available for purchase to all Spotify users in the UK, you can find PLAYvirtuoso courses alongside your favourite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in the app, or on desktop at

PLAYvirtuoso are privileged to have been involved in the development of the music learning offer alongside the team at Spotify, bringing the best in artist-led music education to UK audiences through this exciting opportunity.

We believe this test of video courses on Spotify marks the start of a new era for the accessibility of music learning, where the next generation of engaged music fans and young creatives are empowered with the skills to become creators themselves.

Austen & Scott Smart, PLAYvirtuoso founders

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