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Make a radio demo

Sarah Story (BBC Radio 1)

Make a radio demo

About the course

Everything you need to craft the perfect radio demo, from the very basics to getting heard by the big stations. Learn what it takes to make it in the business from an amazing woman who's been through it all and has earned one of the top slots in radio.

Who’s this course for

Suitable for Beginner experience levels.

This course focuses on using accessible tools in order to create a submission ready radio demo.

Sarah Story covers the basics of recording and audio production within Adobe Audition, focussing on presenting style and content.

What you'll learn

Sarah Story guides us through how to build a radio demo that will set you apart from the crowd. She explains how to find your voice and style to create something true to you, as well as everything you need to get started out in the industry.

Sarah uses Adobe Audition to build her demo, but the techniques can be applied in any software.

Tune in to this course to find out:

  • The different ways of presenting and discovering what works the best for you
  • What you need (and what you don’t need) to start making demos at home today
  • How to record and structure your demo to give it a professional sounding edge
  • How to select the right tracks and how to play them in your demo for maximum effect
  • How to network in the industry and get your demo heard by the right people

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Your teacher

Sarah Story (BBC Radio 1)

Sarah Story (BBC Radio 1)

As the new host of BBC Radio 1’s Friday night ‘Future Dance’ show, Sarah Story is carrying on the torch lit by her predecessor and hero Annie Mac. Since starting out in radio at just 14, there's been no stopping this unapologetically bold woman. Her DJ-ing chops and disarming charm have seen her rise from the bottom rungs of the radio ladder right to the top of the industry in an incredibly short time.

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