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How to create club ready re-edits

Eats Everything

How to create club ready re-edits

About the course

Learn how to 'Reebeef' records in this 1 hr course with Eats Everything. This course has all the ingredients you need to make your own world-class edits for DJ sets.

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What you'll learn

Eats Everything takes us through his iconic record edits. Having created thousands of Reebeefs to play in his live sets, Dan is recognised as the master of the club edit. Across the length of this 13 part, hour-long course, Dan digs into his art, teaching you his simple process from start to finish.

Dan uses Ableton in this video course, but you can follow along in any music production software. Because this is not just another dull step-by-step tutorial full of technical jargon – this course teaches you the reasoning and technique behind Dan's world class edits.

Get ready to start cooking up your own Reebeefs with this inspiring course when you learn:

  • The way Dan approaches an edit, knowing exactly what changes he wants to make before he even opens the DAW.
  • Dozens of processing techniques that Dan uses to spice up his Reebeefs, turning flawed, forgotten tracks into club-friendly bangers.
  • Examples of different kinds of Reebeefs – from ground-up reworks, small tweaks that enhance a track in need of a little beef and even on-the-fly mashups in rekordbox.
  • How to efficiently search for records which are ripe for a Reebeef – what to listen out for, where to find new music and how to organise the process.
  • How to organise your presets, samples and tracks to give yourself the advantage in making quick edits that are consistent and true to your sound.
1 hour

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Eats Everything

Eats Everything

Eats Everything (AKA Daniel Pearce) is a name that will be more than familiar to most fans of dance music — from Jungle and UK bass to House and Techno.

Eats Everything rose to prominence in 2011 following his aptly named debut release 'Entrance Song'. Being highly talented as both a producer and a DJ, he's made a name for himself with his high-energy sets full of unique edits of tracks he cheekily calls 'Reebeefs'.

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