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Melodic methods

Joris Voorn

Melodic methods

About the course

As one of the modern greats of melodic dance music, Joris demonstrates how to craft melodies that will move your audience and shape the nature of your track. From sound design to automation, this course is everything that you need to know to begin creating moving melodies like Joris Voorn.

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1 hr 40 mins

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Your teacher

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn is an icon of the techno scene. Deftly weaving melody into his productions, Joris has not only released 4 solo albums but collaborated with and remixed everyone from Underworld to Dua Lipa. His performance style is equally unique – remixing every track in his mixes live to create collages of sound, best demonstrated by his stunning GU:43 Rotterdam compilation album.

What you'll learn

In this course, you'll learn how to craft moving melodies that provide narrative and structure to your tracks, how to develop your melodies throughout the course of a project to keep them engaging, and how to use humanisation to take your music out of the computerised space and into a world of free creation.

Joris Voorn demonstrates his world-class melodic techniques using just the power of Ableton Live, showing that anyone can create moving melodies in their music.

Gear up to create incredible melodies like Joris when you learn:

  • How to draw inspiration for a melodic project
  • How to input melodies by catching a vibe in the studio
  • How to build a project from the ground up around your melody
  • How to use structure, automation and humanisation to develop your melodies
  • How to apply fluid dynamics throughout your project
  • How to take your ideas to completion in the studio.

Lesson plan